A few of the comments written by community members after our 2015 Summer House event;

"Loved every minute of it! Chilled, friendly, funny, sensual, accepting, informative and - well - just beautiful in so many ways"

"Summer House, you give us the space to be ourselves truly, in all manifestations, and I feel so lucky that I'm able to join you all on this transformational journey".

"Totally wonderful weekend...the singing, the dancing, the friends, the stars, the hot tubs...the whole damn lot"

 "What a weekend. Highlights included: being serenaded by a violinist whilst in the hot tub; watching the LED hooping show with awe; dancing by the campfire and taking part in a demo workshop. But- the absolute highlight was the Lobstercle Course. I have not laughted that long or hard for years." 

"This weekend means *so* much to me, and I appreciate every single person who helped create such a warm, welcoming, safe and intimate space for me to be my authentic self."

"Blown away by all the beauty. Deeply thankful to all the team"

"Undoubtedly the most moving and transformational weekend I've ever experienced"

"Over the last few years The Summer House has been quite special for me. For me it is as much about community, authenticity and connection as much as anything else."

"I will carry the memories of SH for a long time to come...Meeting you all this weekend, I found so much beauty! Beauty in your truth, unfolding and vulnerability. Coming back to everyday life and feeling supported, I feel as if it has changed along with me. Somehow the real, authentic me is able to peep out a little more."

Thank you all for a wonderful weekend and for creating a space that embraces learning, growing, exploring and expressing ourselves in so many beautiful ways. "

"Thank you all for making my first Summer House the most fantastic weekend of the summer you wonderful, sparkly, cheerful group of humans/unicorns/mermaids... It was an absolute joy to boil in hot tubs and lie bronzing in the sun with you all"

"Can we have the Summer House WEEK next year? I just didn't want it to end."

"What an extraordinary event with such amazing people! Despite knowing virtually no one and being size 22 and over 40, I felt totally accepted and loved and welcomed!"

Every time I come back from The Summer House, I end up wandering around London, wondering where my cynicism has disappeared to. Unsurprisingly, this year is no different! My thanks to all you wonderful creatures for creating one of the best spaces I've ever had the pleasure of being in."

"I found my tribe this weekend: the beings, the energy, the community - the acceptance. Where I have permission to be me: my vulnerable, playful, introspective, wild, fragile, juicy, bold, embodied, authentic self. I still feel I don’t fit in a lot of the time, but that’s kind of it. For me there’s something special about the not fitting in together. Here’s to the misfits, the crazy beautiful creatures."

"I'm a bit lost for words to describe how much the last few days have meant to me. This has been as much amazing fun glitter joy explosion as it has been healing. So many interactions were milestones for me this weekend."

"Just wanted to say a big thank you to everyone involved in making this weekend such a beautiful experience... Every single one of you has contributed to one of the greatest times of my life and shared such an important part of my journey and I'm sure there will be many more to come."

"Last year we knew very few people, and I must confess to being far more comfortable cocooned in our caravan than milling with and meeting new people... 
Fast-forward to this year, where we were greeted by a sea of familiar faces and embraced by friends old and new. It felt like coming home… like I belonged."

"Retrospectively piecing together and discussing our many intense experiences (both inside and outside the wonderful workshops) is proving to be a healing, revelatory experience. And reading everyone's experiences....is really the icing on the cake, helping to put our own experiences into the wider context of a community of inspiringly brave and authentic people. Amid such wonderful tumult, it seems almost an aside that being part of the choir resulted in me getting up on a stage for the first time since I was a teenager."

"The body positive culture nurtured at Summer House topped up my body confidence again for another year and the consent driven atmosphere let me let down the walls and embrace my whole being. Being completely yourself for a weekend is exhilarating and exhausting in equal measures. Allowing myself to be vulnerable and let go of old sadness and rekindle lost friendships was much needed and I thank you all again for facilitating that for me. Summer House you rock and I cannot wait to buy my ticket for next year!"

"Wow. What a challenging, interesting and inspiring weekend that turned out to be."

"I feel privileged and delighted that despite my bull***t boundaries and walls being ripped apart the second I crossed the threshold both years, that my vulnerability and authenticity felt safe and encouraged. I had a wonderful beautiful time all weekend. "

"This space and you people are so incredibly beautiful, honest, raw and sparkly. I’m proud I challenged myself to experience this entire weekend sober and achieved it… the clarity of every experience that I’m left with is true and blissful!"

"If I were forced to repeat a day forever à la Groundhog Day, I'd want it to be one of the Summer House days"

"For me personally this year was beautiful, a time of great healing tinged with some sadness. I return to the default world more alive and vulnerable than ever, connections that I have made into this community running ever deeper with an over-riding sense that there are so many wonderful and exciting possibilities ‘out there’ to explore."

"I have experienced a community like no other, with an incredible respect towards each other"

"I left SHW Monday morning with many new friends, connections, and a lil bit more expanse in my consciousness. I had some inklings of what to find on offer, but certainly didn't expect to go through such a journey in a just a few *short* days."

"I thank every single one of you at The Summer House for your contribution to this transformative event. I arrived on a journey of self discovery and left having learned to fly..."

"We feel so so blessed to be a part of such an amazing family, and feel so free of judgement, to be so able to be who we are and love others for who they truly are, and not who we want them to be. For yet another year we have reunited with firm friends, forged new bonds with new people, and deepened our connection to one another."

"Wow, just wow. Thank you all for making my first Summer House such an amazing experience. "

"Last year for me felt very much to be about new beginnings. This year felt more like coming home and strengthening the bonds of friendship and love I have made over the last year. So thank you for the few new friends I did connect with and to all of you for being such a wonderful group. I feel even more strongly that I have found my tribe at last and am so privileged to grow with you."

"I just wanted to say how lucky I feel for taking part on this beautiful and magical Summer House Weekend. It was my first time, I've felt so connected, everyone is open and that makes my heart shine!"

"Each year I have left Summer House with new experiences that have helped me grow. Each year I have left with a better idea of who I am and where I want to go. Each year I have left with more wonderful friends."

"It was a wonderful and adventurous experience to come to Summer House for the first time! I felt free and joyous in my body...very connected to my sensations and emotions even when they were challenging, privileged to get to know so many interesting people on their journey to self, moved by the hand fasting ceremony.... sharing our true selves with authenticity and playfulness, and absolutely stunned by the kindness, support, loving, caring aura everyone had towards each other. "

"I've never felt as liberated as I did at The Summer House."

"I had the most amazing uplifting time of my life."

"It was an incredible experience. We had a fabulous time at our first summer house, it was fun, crazy, emotional and heart opening."

"The Handfasting was a beautiful summary of what made Summer House special: the open hearted sharing, caring, tender and loving for ourselves and each other. My commitment for a year and day is to be the kind, loving, strong, vulnerable man that I can be."

"I know there’s a Winter House, but don’t you wish there was an Autumn House, and then also a Spring House, and then a House in between the seasons, and then a House between those times too, and one in-between those and … basically a House all year round."

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