Want to get involved in making The Summer House Weekend happen? Something a bit more than simply turning up and enjoying yourself? The Summer House Weekend is a small event, mainly staffed by paid crew supplemented by a few volunteers. There are a few avenues for people wishing to contribute. In all cases, if you have something to offer but you're worried that getting involved may be difficult due to income or disability, please get in touch with us directly and we'll see what we can do.

 [Image description: a watercolour illustration of someone smiling with their eyes closed and their arms outstretched]

[Image description: a watercolour illustration of someone smiling with their eyes closed and their arms outstretched]



(New volunteers welcomed)

Our priority volunteering slots are during the weekend itself — from Thursday 17th August to Sunday 20th August inclusive. We ask for 16 hours, usually split four hours per day. The kinds of roles involve include gate/ car-park stewarding & greeting; reception / check-in / helping people learn what's on; assisting with the kitchen / food; helping keep the house / garden tidy; and a variety of technical & arty roles. For each shift we give you a voucher for a snack at one of the food trucks, and when you've completed all your shifts we refund 100% of the volunteer ticket price. To get involved book one of the volunteer tickets and fill out the form. This is by far the simplest route and guarantees you a volunteer place. Please note that if you can't attend the event and do all your shifts, the standard refund policy applies. As with all other guests, you'll need a PAL (ie a friend at the event who you know and trust.)


(Previous volunteers preferred)

















If you've volunteered for set-up and takedown at The Summer House previously, or if you've volunteered at least twice at The Summer House in any capacity, we may consider you for our setup & takedown volunteer team. There's a lot of demand for these roles, not just because there's a lot of solidarity & meeting fun people amidst the hard work, but also because you get the Weekend itself off. At a minimum you must be available to work Tues 15-Thurs 17 Aug and all of Mon 21 Aug. We arrive on site Mon 14 Aug and leave Tues 22 Aug and you're welcome to join for all of that if you're around. Setup & takedown volunteers eat crew food throughout the event and pay nothing for their ticket — but we will mainly be selecting previous volunteers. If that sounds like you, please fill out our setup & takedown volunteer form


Do you make music? DJ? Perform? Do circus or fire? Take photos? Do you have some sort of interactive art experience or walkabout character up your sleeve? If so please fill out our creativity volunteer form and let us know what you can offer. The capacity of the event is extremely limited and we get a lot of offers. so we prioritise people who are willing to contribute a lot throughout the weekend. The amount we offer in compensation is related to how much people offer, ranging from discounts up to free tickets.

Please note: our programme is now for workshops. If you would like to propose a talk or contribute to crafts please fill out this form.


The Wellbeing Team is an independent, volunteer-run group who offer their time to anyone who's having a hard time, or is in need of a friendly ear, at The Summer House Weekend. You don't need to have any kind of counselling experience to join the Wellbeing Team and they're actively on the lookout for people from a range of backgrounds . It can be emotionally challenging work but also rewarding. Wellbeing Team members get free tickets & free food on the days they're working. Read more or contact the Wellbeing Team to apply.


Occasionally we get approaches from people who run stalls or make & sell their own stuff or provide services, whether it be massages / holistic treatments, food trucks and so on. If you have a service, craft or food/drink to offer, please fill out this form with as much info as possible on your offering, including imagery, listings of your services/ menus/ prices plus the hours you're available to be open to our guests. If we feel that your offering is appropriate to our guests we usually ask for a cut of any money you generate, which then goes back into the event.