Frequently Asked Questions


 [Image description: a purple and orange illustration of people playing in and lounging by the pool]

[Image description: a purple and orange illustration of people playing in and lounging by the pool]

Q: What are the dates of The Summer House Weekend 2017?

A: Arrivals from the afternoon of Thursday 17th August 2017, with the main days being Friday, Saturday and Sunday, with departures by 9am on Monday 21st August 2017. 


Q: What are the dates of The Winter House Weekend 2018?

A: Arrivals from the afternoon of Friday 23rd February 2018, departures by 6pm Sunday 25th February 2018.


Q: What is the location of the Summer / Winter House?

A: Location is sent out to ticketholders only, approximately two weeks before the event. If you need a hint for the purposes of travel planning please contact us.


Q: What's the address of The House?

A: We don't give out the precise address of The House except to ticketholders, who receive the details in the post-purchase email. If for the purposes of planning your travel you need to discuss location with us, please contact us with your question.


Q: I hear that The Summer House started as a birthday party. Can I join in for my birthday?

A: YES! When you buy your ticket there's a pull-down menu to alert us to your birthday. We'll be in touch with more details of the cake-cutting ceremony nearer the time.


Q: Is there a dress code?

A: For the Saturday night party only, we ask that guests dress up — but we have a fancy dress rail and lots of opportunities to make / craft your own accessories. For the rest of the weekend, you can wear whatever you like. 


Q: Where can I stay?

A: For The Summer House, the options are to: a) Sleep in a room in the house; b) Self-camp in our campsite or use your own campervan; c) Stay in one of our lovely glamping bell tents; d) Stay in one of our fancy Airstream trailers or caravans, with beds for four and own shower; e) Stay in a local hotel / B&B; or f) travel in each day by public transport. For more details see Where to Sleep.


Q: Will I be able to wash?

A: YES! Whether you're in the boutique camping or the free self-camping, you have access to our free hot showers trailer. 


Q: What can I eat and drink?

A: See our Food and Drink page for the various options, including a) Booking our banquet meals; b) buying spontaneous meals from independent street food chefs for under £10 each; c) bringing and preparing your own food. We'll take care of the drinks, from soft drinks, tea and coffee and smoothies through to cocktails — please don't bring your own booze.


Q: Which ages are welcome?

A: Anyone over 18 is welcome at The Summer House Weekend. 


Q: Are there low-income / special access tickets?

A: Yes, for people who are in dire financial straits, we offer a limited number of low-income tickets starting at £75 each. These are available on application and are decided on a case-by-case basis. Fictional examples of people who may be eligible for low-income tickets include "Taz" who has been unemployed for two years and cannot afford the ticket price; "Jem" who works a low-paid part-time job a long way out of London and has a lot of costs getting to the event; "Sam" who has a disability and has additional costs in order to access the event; and "Mo" who is a single parent and can't afford to pay for both childcare and full price tickets. A reason like "I've already been on a holiday abroad this year so I can't pay for another weekend away" is less likely to secure an access ticket. Please click here to apply for access tickets.


Q: I can no longer attend. Can I get a refund or give my ticket to someone else? 

A: As a rule we have a policy of no exchanges/refunds/transfers. Tickets are for the named ticketholder only, so you can't give it to a friend. All guests will need photo ID to check in. For more details see our About Tickets page.


Q: I have some questions about your code of conduct and PAL System

 A: One of the things that makes The Summer House Weekend different from other events is that we ask all guests to agree to some simple values that are designed to make the place safer and friendlier for everyone. You'll find the basics of these written up on our code of conduct page — and we'll write to guests before the event with a reminder. The PAL System (created by Kinky Salon San Francisco and licensed under Creative Commons) simply means that all guests must be accompanied at the event by at least one friend who knows and vouches for them. To be clear: you can do all the workshops and activities separately! But you must have your PAL on site the whole time and leave together. Your PAL can be a friend, a partner, even a family member. They don't need to have attended the event before. The main thing is that you know and trust each other. The vast majority of guests understand and appreciate these guidelines but if you have any questions whatsoever, don't hesitate to contact us for clarification.