Getting to The Summer House - 2019 update

From London & the South: nearest station is Carlisle, 3.25 hours from London Euston by train and 25 mins from venue by car

From Scotland & the North: the nearest station is Lockerbie, which is 1 hour from Glasgow by train, 20 mins from venue by car

To keep the House and our guests secure, guests will be sent the address in an email 7-10 days before the event.

There are taxis from Carlisle station and airport, and we are offering several pre-booked minibuses to and from Carlisle station. We strongly recommend you travel by train.

It is possible to book campervans and cars from Carlisle, but please note that you need a campervan pass and that there is no hard standing available at this stage so large RVs, caravans or trucks are not permitted, only small (eg VW style) campervans that can park on a grass verge. See below for more detailed information on what we do and do not allow when it comes to campers.

If transport requirements make it essential for you to have more details, please contact us and we will tell you a little more.


Not all guests come from London! If you live in another large city, here are suggested transport options. If you’re traveling from England, the nearest station is Carlisle; if you’re traveling from Scotland, the nearest station is Lockerbie.

  • Bristol - a 5 hour drive, or 4h30 train to Carlisle (change at Birmingham New Street) for £135 return, or 7h55 coach for £67 return

  • Birmingham - a 3h30 drive, or 2h45 train to Carlisle for £71 return, or 6h50 coach for £48 return

  • Liverpool - a 3 hour drive, or 2h9 train to Carlisle (change at Preston) for £38-50 return, or 5 hour coach for £41 return

  • Manchester - a 2h30 drive, or 2 hour train to Carlisle for £35 return, or 3 hour coach for £42 return

  • Leeds - a 2h40 drive, or 3h train to Carlisle (change at Manchester or Preston) for £35 return

  • Edinburgh - a 3 hour drive, or a 1 hour train to Lockerbie for £36 return (or continue to Carlisle for cheaper fares)

  • Glasgow - 1h25 drive, or a 1 hour train to Lockerbie for £17 return

Be sure to check out National Rail or National Express for coaches.

The cheapest fares from London are with a Two Together railcard (even factoring in purchasing the railcard). If you’re a group of 3-9, you can use the Group Saver discount by booking directly through Virgin Trains.


Guests who have purchased tickets are sent a password for the Rideshare page. See if anyone is travelling from your area, or offer a ride yourself. Can’t find the password? Contact us.

Air travel

We strongly recommend travel by train or rideshare as it tends to be more cost-effective and sustainable (and often quicker, considering flight delays!)

If you’re flying here from Ireland the best airport is Carlisle (CAX) and then a taxi to the venue.

If you’re flying from Europe or further abroad, the best airport is Glasgow (GLA) as it is served by a number of international airlines. The Glasgow Airport Express 500 bus will take you to Glasgow Central train station (£13.50 return); from there you can take a 1 hour train to Lockerbie (£17 return).

Taking public transport vs taking a vehicle


  • It’s much quicker to take the train (3 1/4 hours)

  • No worries about a designated driver for the journey home

  • Everyone can use & charge their devices on the journey

  • No breaks in the journey for toilet/food/petrol

  • Pick-up & drop-off right in front of the House from Carlisle station

  • It’s environmentally friendly


  • You don’t mind a long journey (Google maps says it’s 6 hours from North London without stops)

  • You don’t mind walking 200-300m (4-5 mins) between car park field & House (see access page)

  • You’ve applied for a limited campervan pass (free, priority to access needs, see below)

  • You want to fit 4+ people in a rideshare (password sent to ticketholders)

  • You’ve got more stuff than can fit in a coach / public transport

  • You’re OK that entry & exit times are limited - see below


  • The campervan/live in vehicle passes are now sold out.

  • It is possible to rent campervans and cars from Carlisle.

  • Entry is via a single track lane with no passing and limited turning.

  • Guests with accessibility needs can park at their small campers close to the front end of the parking area nearest the house.

  • Do NOT bring large RVs, trucks, farm vehicles, long wheel base vans etc

  • There is no hard standing available at this stage so large RVs or trucks are not permitted but guests may park small (eg VW style) campervans on a verge in our parking area.

  • No cooking, flames, music/noise, tents, gazebos, shade structures or other obstructions permitted in the parking area. The parking is on a grass verge, and any structures or activities adjacent to your vehicle will obstruct access.

  • If your vehicle is light enough to park on grass, you park at own risk.

transport FROM Carlisle station TO THE HOUSE

The House is 30 mins by road from the local station in Carlisle. We are offering several pre-booked slots in a minibus on Thursday and Friday of the event, timed to coincide with trains arriving from London, plus trips back to the station on Sunday and Monday. See the Transport page for details

All guests can drop their bags at the front of the house for a brief period. This does not need to be booked ahead. 

It is also possible to take a taxi from Carlisle station to the venue. The venue inform us that there are usually around 10 taxis at Carlisle station, but we recommend booking ahead with AAA Taxis on 01228 808777 to agree a flat fee of £40. Booking ahead is particularly important for the return journey, or any time at night, when there may be no taxis available in the area of the venue. If you’re coming from Lockerbie, it is best to book a taxi ahead as it’s a smaller station - please see this list of taxi companies in the area.

By car

We will provide a directions page to ticketbuyers 7-10 days before the event starts. If you have legitimate reasons for needing these directions ahead of time please contact us.

For those interested in sharing their car with other guests or taking a ride from another guest, we offer a rideshare page — password available to all guests after they book tickets. Please contact us to ask for the password. We encourage guests to share cars with others to maximise the limited parking space on site — and also because it's good for the environment. 

Entry and Exit Times 

Please note that the gates to The Summer House will not be open continuously. We are strict about not allowing entry after sunset (ie 8.45pm).  Maximum once in and once out a day. Please pay attention to these times when making your plans.

The gates will be open at these times:

  • THURSDAY 15 AUGUST 2019 — Entrance between 16:00 and 20:45, exit until 21:00

  • FRIDAY 16 AUGUST 2019— Entrance between 10:00 and 20:45, exit until 21:00

  • SATURDAY 17 AUGUST 2019 — Entrance between 10:00 and 14:00, exit until 21:00

  • SUNDAY 18 AUGUST 2019 — Entrance between 10:00 and 14:00, exit until 21:00

  • MONDAY 19 AUGUST 2019 —  No entrance, only exit, all out by 09:00am please



We have created a new accessibility document with links to site plans and measurements / photos of steps. This first year at our new venue will mean we are learning what works; in subsequent years we will hopefully be able to do more towards accessibility.

Here are some topline details:

  • The local station (Carlisle) has step-free access

  • All of the workshop and talks places are in the grounds or on the ground floor of the house

  • The house itself can only be accessed by steep steps (photos on our accessibility page)

  • Once inside, there are toilets and a bathroom set aside for disabled folk

  • Blue badge holders can park closest to the house and leave their bags at the entrance

  • Disabled folk can camp closest to the house in our accessibility camping area

  • Disabled guests who wish to bring an assistant may do so for £1

  • Guests with chronic health conditions or other reasons they might not be able to attend can apply for access tickets

  • If you have other accessibility + transport needs please contact us

[Image description: an illustration of a person with short hair dancing with their eyes closed, their midriff bare]

[Image description: an illustration of a person with short hair dancing with their eyes closed, their midriff bare]